History and Mission

Socioscope NGO was founded in 2008 by a group of young social scientists aspiring to contribute to the development of civil society in Armenia through social research, consultancy and awareness building. The Socioscope team designs and implements research and educational projects on civil society processes and activism, sexuality and gender, discourses and ideologies from a critical stance. As part of educational projects, we aim at empowering civil society members with social science knowledge and methodology through well-grounded courses combining theory and activism practices.

The NGO is a member of South Caucasus Human Rights Defenders Network, and of Human Rights House Yerevan.



Donations of any desired amount can be made to the following account numbers, indicating “donation” in the purpose field.

2052822181271008 (AMD)
2052822181271022 (USD)
2052822181271042 (EUR)