Armenia after 2018. Social and Political Transformations

The article of Socioscope’s researchers Arpy Manusyan, Mariam Khalatyan, and Nvard Margaryan titled “Imagined Future[s] of Armenia after the Second Karabakh War 2020” is featured in the book “Armenia after 2018: Social and Political Transformations” published as a volume of the “Interdisciplinary Studies on Central and Eastern Europe” series.

The article examines how different political crises and dimensions impact the perception of the social and political future, and explores and brings together social and political theories of the future, agency, and the liquidity of modern times. It analyses how the war crisis and the future ambiguity affect peace narratives and the vision of peaceful coexistence in the region. At the same time, it analyses what role and political agency expert community attributes to Armenia in terms of developing regional relations and producing its future. The research asks how the expert community in Armenia imagines the future of the country after the devastating Second Karabakh War within the broader trajectory of regional transformations and the idea of peaceful coexistence with Azerbaijan. 

Overall, the book focuses on social and political developments in Armenia during a turbulent post-2018 period. The main goal of this volume is to shed light on Armenia’s complicated reality, bring it into the research spotlight, and foster discussions about the country’s core challenges.

The book is available here.



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