Sexuality in Armenaian [CON]TEXTS

“Sexuality in Armenian [Con]texts” is a result of extensive and diverse studies on the issue of sexuality. Sexuality, being one of the main sensitive issues manipulated from the perspective of power dynamics, is also one of the least studied in Armenian culture. This research project reveals the issue of sexuality in a complex and diverse, changing reality in the Armenian past. At the same time, it is an expression of the current social and ideological discords in Armenia. The book connects the reader with historically formed knowledge. It invites the reader to follow the process of understandings and definitions of the modern concept of sexuality in different periods of the Armenian socio-historical life, their antagonisms, as well as their interactions with times and spaces.
Authors Zhanna Andreasyan, Eduard Danielyan, Anna Zhamakochyan, Mariam Khalatyan, Hrachya Hakobyan, Arpy Manusyan, Irina Shakhanazaryan and Lusine Chergeshtyan address the issues of sexuality and their cultural and political meanings in literature, press, legal and religious documents.
The volume includes translation and reissue.

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